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Saturday, August 6, 2011


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From: Suleman <>
Date: 2011/8/6
Subject: Please Help Me

Good Day,
I am a Citizen of Libya the first son DR.Bello Suleman who was killed by rebels during the present Crisis in Libya Misrata.Before my father's death he made me to understand that he deposited some huge amount of money which he made from sale of Oil Business and Diamond which he gave me the relevant documentation of the consignment boxes backing the funds and  deposited,marked  as family belonging before his death at a Security company(Accra-Ghana)
I was able to move out from Libya through the United Nation cargo ship, that convene refugee from Ras Ejdir to Accra Ghana, as a refugee.Presently, I am in the Liberia camp in late father left behind physical cash and valuables which he safely lodged in Accra-Ghana.As i am communicating with you am in Accra-Ghana the refugee camp,Please if you don't mind i would love to make you my foreign beneficiary so that you help me to claim my late farther funds and ship down to your residential address.I have the company detail with me i will be glad if you can help me out of this terrible situation i am willing to give you 30% for your assistance from the total funds and Valuables and 10% for any form of airport clearance and Delivery fee..please i do wait to hear from you
Kano V Suleman

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