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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kojo William Wood: [do they have such name?]

Good Day,

I am Mr Kojo.W. Wood , i am 52 years old and i work with a reputable bank in GHANA west Africa called GHANA COMMERCIAL BANK .I have been with the bank for 20 years and i am in search of a honest partner to do business with in the USA only , as i do have access of dormant account and i am handling over 300 personal account with huge funds inside , some of this people are dead and do not have next of kin, i am willing to do business with you base on a good percentage to transfer the funds into your checking,current or saving account in the USA with out any trace.

But as you know to every business there are process and protocol that need to be meant that is why i have partner with a Financier in the state that will assist us with any funds we need, i will be open to you my friend there are documents that we need to submit to the bank as you being the next of kin and the bank does not need to know i am with you but i will be your eye in the bank , as for the funds we need, the Financier in the states is willing to assist us as much funds we need but only to a CREDIT CARD, so depending on how much your limit is on your credit card will depend on how much money can be transfer from GHANA COMMERCIAL BANK to your personal account in the states within 1 week, the total funds in my possession is over 140million Dollars.

Like i said you do not need to spend your money all you need is to have a credit card available and your trust and when you get back to me on how much your credit limit then I will let you know how much can be transferred into your account and how much % will be yours but be rest assured my friend your % will be more than 30% of the funds which will be transferred into your account, also even if you owe on your credit card or have a balance, the financier will clear all your outstanding Credit you owe and make out available credit for you , this is a one in a life time opportunity make good use of it.

Kindly send your response in this regard by stating the below information:

1) Limit on your Credit Card.
2) Full Names
3) Tel. & Cell Number for easy communication.


Thanks for your co-operation

Mr. Kojo William Wood

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