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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fred Tabo: +2347087178068

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: United Parcel Service LTD (UPS) <>
Date: 2011/7/5
Subject: [此邮件可能携带病毒,请小心打开!] Reminder

United Parcel Service LTD (UPS)
(Customer Service Department)
Gariki Abuja-Nigeria Branch

                                         INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY DEPARTMENT

Compliment of the day to you dear customer i must say that i am very surprise when i receive notification from our Security department that your parcel is still with them. I am Fred Tabo the newly appointed Dispatch Officer for the UPS Courier Service, Gariki Branch. I wish to inform you that a shipment order will be placed on your parcel with Registration #: 392R-3TVD-CQF the parcel was tendered to us by Officials of the United Nations for onward delivery to your

Your parcel which was  placed on hold by the custom officers has been cleared Tariff Act of 1930 and Title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRow). Under the Department of Homeland Security the parcel with Registration #: 392R-3TVD-CQF has been cleared and ready to be dispatch to you.

As the newly appointed Dispatch manager it is my duty to ensure that your parcel  get to you without any delay just because of the bad name given to us by  the past Director and  complains from some of our customer claims that  co-ordinators has been extorting money from customer and never send their parcel to them , As the new Dispatch Officer a meeting was held on the 17th of June 2011 to make sure that the files of all customer are being looked into and also check out for customers  that have paid and never  received their parcel that was when we actually found out that you have not redeemed.

To that effect we decided to help customers with the issue who has not receive their parcel, Please to enable us dispatch this parcel to the right fully owner you are advise to reconfirm your current shipping details so that we can update your profile and your parcel delivery to you without any delay.

Note: You are only required to pay $55 for Security Keeping Fee of your parcel since you have paid for your shipment. Payment of this Security Keeping should be made directly to my officer  details :

Receiver Name : Benson Osifo
Location:  Nigeria
Text Question: Who is Good
Answer: God

On the confirmation of you payment your package will be set for delivery which you will receive within 48hours.


We sincerely hope the above information is helpful to you. Should you have any further queries do no hesitate to write to us.

I hope that you use the fund judiciously by serving humanity.  Thanks for using as i expect a copy of the receipt of mail soon.

Fred Tabo

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