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Friday, November 18, 2011

From: "A.Rafaelz." <>
Date: 18 November, 2011 3:19:14 PM GMT+08:00

Libya is liberated today because of the death of Gadhafi.
Gadhafi refused to pay most foreign Contractor since the
past 8 years because he was trying to discourage many Foreign
Contractors. His idea was to Indigenize the Contract to Libya
Citizens only and most foreign Expatriate were not paid their
Contract Sum before leaving Libya.

Recently the National Transitional Council(NTC) has commerce
payment of all outstanding Contract sum. I work with Libya
Ministry of Commence and Development. I and my Colleague was
invited by NTC to compile Names of all Foreign Expatriate that
executed contract with the Ministry since the past 8 years that
has not been paid. We have made compilation of many Expatriate
files and they have been paid within the past few weeks.
I have the Names of all Expatriate with their Files and i want
you to provide an Expatriate account so that i can submit it
with an Expatriate file to receive a contract sum.

This is an urgent situation and it will take less than 5 days
to have the Contract sum transferred to this account immediately
it is provided. I cannot vividly state the amount that will be
transferred to the account but it will be above 1.8 million US
dollars because no Contract was bellow that amount in the list
of Foreign Expatriate Contract with the Ministry.
we are going to share in the ration of 50/50 any amount the bank
will send to the Expatriate Account you are going to provide.

Please understand that i do not need your personal Bank account
or your personal informations because they are not required
hence i already have details of the Expatriate involve. I only
need an Expatriate account to receive the contract sum. I will
inform you on how to get this done after confirming your interest.
I just need a strong guarantee that i will have my share after
the transfer. Please reply with your full Names to my
From A.Rafaelz.

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