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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoshyar Ahmed Saleh Berzengi:

Good Day,

My name is Col. Hoshyar Ahmed Saleh Berzengi (RTD) I was the former vice Chairman of Iraq Petroleum Trust Fund (P.T..F),and the Director Abdul Provincial Light Industrial Products Import and Export based in Iraq, an integrated Corporation of trading, industry and scientific technology." White Cat" brand is our trade mark registered with State Administration for Industry and Commerce, P.R.I. in 1964, Plastic Light Sandals under the registered trade mark "White Cat" brand exports to 40-plus markets and enjoys a high reputation among customers.....

Actually, I acquired some money during my time in the office as vice chairman of the then Petroleum Trust Fund (P.T..F). Considering my age(71yrs Old),my present health status and also with the effects of war here in Iraq i cannot manage my investments here anymore or travel out of Iraq to start up again, the most painful aspect is that i lost my dear wife and the only son during the war.

l have deposited $45,000,000 USD with a private equity investment trust company for safekeeping. And am willing to offer some Percentages from the total fund investment to anybody that can assist me invest this fund in his Company/Country, i wishes to invest in a stable economy, and my interest is in companies with potentials for rapid growth in long terms.

I am interested in placing part of my fund in good company, if the country's bi-laws allow foreign investment; I also wish my investment profits be distributed to Charity Organizations after my death. If you are interested contact me via my e-mail address with your information's.

Yours faithfully,

Col.Hoshyar Ahmed Saleh Berzengi (RTD)

N: B The fund is free from drug and laundering related offences and this transaction need utmost confidentiality.

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