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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roland Ibori Email: phone number: +447924428381

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ibori <>
Date: 2011/10/16
Subject: Dear friend

Dear friend,

I am Roland Ibori the younger brother of James Ibori who is currentlly in Jail in London,Before
my elder brother was arrested he kept in my possession the sum of $2 million dollars which
is currenttly in a Finance House here in London.

I am currentlly under pressure by the bank official here ,I need to have someone realiable to help me received my funds,as my elder
brother account is currentlly in check by the British Government,I shall send you more details if you agree to help me receive this funds.

You can see more details about my brother  case in this site:

I am willing to compensate you 30% of the total  sum if you agree to receive this funds on my behalf. I have to transfer the $10 Million Dollars
out of London within 14 days as stated by my bank.

Await your mail.

Roland Ibori
phone number: +447924428381

1 comment:

  1. incoming email 07.07.2012

    Good Day
    I am Mr. Roland Ibori, I have a very urgent business proposal worth (15,500,000.00 Pounds Sterlings) from a private offshore Security Firm .

    Please email me at ( +447924428381 for details and also give me your full name, cell number and address.
    Best Regards,
    Mr. Roland Ibori.