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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Basil Walter:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alert <>
Date: 2011/12/25
Subject: RE : Pending Deposit


The year is almost running out and we have not yet finalized your $500,000.00
transfer, at this point I'm willing to assist you with the $1,600.00 transfer
fees, YES; you dont have to pay for the charges anymore from your pocket because
it's obvious you cannot come up with the charges. Allow my client to help you
with the funds and in return,  you will compensate us with 10% after your Win
transfer has been completed this new week. I will have my associate overnight
you a Certified check of $1,900.00 for you to cash and send the fees/$1,600.00
to our payment processing  center in other to transfer your $500,000.00 win this
week to your nominated account. Provide your details below if we have a done

1, Full Name :
2, Physical Mailing Address:
3, City :
4, State :
5, Zip-Code :
6, Home/Cell # :
7, Bank Name :

Please use reference number 250-153 for our mutual convenience

Basil Walter
Welfare officer,
World Bank Creditors

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