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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yang Shushan:

Huibin office Building,
No.8 Beichendoug St.
Beijing , People's Republic of China.

Ref: CPCIC/08626572/2011

We are a Petro-Chemical Industry Located in Beijing, China and in urgent need
of Payment Agent/Representatives in North America (USA/Canada), South America
and the Australasia. By acting as our Payment Agent, you will be
Collecting payments from these customers we are exporting goods to in
USA/Canada after they must have remitted the payment(s) to you. These payments
are in the form of Cheques only. We need your assistance because these
payments, which are usually in the form of cheques are not payable in Chinese
Banks because of the differing Banking Systems. For this, you will be entitled
to a 15% commission for each payment you receive.

Subject to the above, any Sincere and Trustworthy Person should supply the
following data/information:

Full Names (As would appear on payment cheque):
Residential/Mailing Address:
Phone Number:

Send your response via email to:

Faithfully Yours,
Yang Shushan .
Gen. Manager.

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